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Northern Pride Web Design
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Northern Pride - Web Design

The Design Team

"It has to look cool !"

Rodney G. Calafati
<President and Senior Webmaster>

A passion for web design. Rodney provides conceptual direction and vision for every project created by Northern Pride. A talented designer with a unique and clean design style. His drive for perfection and reverence for artistic expression lend sophistication and beauty to every web site.

Always striving to stay on top of the latest technology, constantly experimenting with new ideas and concepts, Rod is always willing to push web standards every chance he gets. After his morning pot of southern pecan coffee, solving technical code problems comes naturally to him. Rod is the detail man in our operation, every web site Northern Pride produces goes by his keen eye for approval, assuring all web sites conform to web standards and that they work in all browsers.

He values the philosophy of client relationships and takes time to undestand the objectives of every client. His enthusiastic down to earth approach results in numerous client referrals.

When he's not consumed in designing web projects or playing with his two beautiful girls, you will find Rodney in the kitchen cooking up a culinary feast or spending quality time with his loving family exploring the Green Mountains of Vermont.

"That looks great.
Can we invoice them? "

Therese A. Calafati
<Studio Coordinator/Project Manager >

Therese makes sure our coffee is Green Mountain and that our water is filtered. She takes care of administrative duties and helps the team focus on the work at hand, by keeping a close eye on production and deadlines. She spends most of her time picking up loose ends and making sure customer’s needs are being fulfilled. Therese has a passion for keeping projects and accounts running smoothly. She ensures that timelines are communicated clearly and deadlines are met. She is extremely detail oriented and makes sure no one on the team misses a beat.

Therese is responsible for the overall execution of client projects, the management of project budgets, and making sure our design team has all the resources required to execute award winning web sites. Therese’s commitment to excellent customer service and the delivery of superior designs are the fundamental drivers of Northern Pride’s approach.

In her spare time, you will find her entertaining friends and family. Therese is an avid nature lover and loving mother of 2 beautiful angels.

"no problem man....
we can do that "

Chance Dobbs
<Web Designer>

Experienced in front-end web development projects with a focus on the creative aspects of web design. Chance handles projects from beginning to end providing strategic guidance and step-by-step communication while ensuring our clients’ 100% complete satisfaction. He has a firm understanding of the overall picture of project, from content structure to usability to branding - as he crafts a client's creative identity for the web.

Although Chance leaves all the experimenting to Rodney, his unconventional wisdom and business acumen are the springboards for clients to discover new ways to embrace this exciting platform of internet marketing.

Chance consistently focuses on assisting membership driven organizations and non-profits.

When not designing memorble online sites, Chance will be out boating with his family on scenic Lake Mohawk (two labs included).

"i just love how the colors express your business"

Buffie Dobbs
<Graphic Designer>

Buffie is a perfectionist and true artist at heart. She is passionate about creating strong visual designs that work for our clients, by understanding what they want, and what is going to work best for them. Her professional interest in typography, shape and color and her background as an illustrator helps her to design memorable logos and winning brand identities. She is responsible for conceptualizing, designing, producing and managing many aspects of both print and web media.

Buffie's optimism and professionalism contribute greatly to the success of our clients designs. Her ability to combine her graphic design background with her natural artistic talent makes her an invaluable part of our team.

Buffie enjoys juggling various projects - motherhood, reading a best seller, and improving her golf game.

"Think twice, code once."

Jason Jennings

When it comes to programming, Jason is a true guru. Experienced in coding in PHP, XHTML and CSS using MySQL as the backend web database, Jason develops powerful web applications that solve business needs. Jason has been instrumental in developing our clients custom Content Management Systems, Ecommerce sites, or any other project a client might need. Jason takes a ground-up organizational approach to web application development starting with a clean and sophisticated data model, following up with a simple, easy-to-use and attractive user interface. His goal is to develop elegant solutions that empower the user. He maintains an up-to-date knowledge of web technology trends; including recent trends like AJAX and Web 2.0.

"Content is King "

Christina Tierney
<Search Engine Marketing Manager >

Christina is passionate for search engine optimization - SEO. When it comes to making your presence known, Christina will lead your site to the front. Well versed in organic and paid placement. She possesses an in-depth understanding of pay per click marketing, search engine optimization SEO, online business development, web site design and e-mail marketing.






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